As a child I lived for a time in Seoul, South Korea. As an adult, I'll return to Seoul with my husband to adopt a child. This is our journey back to Seoul.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Korean Film Festival

Spring always reminds me of why I love DC. Sometimes that's hard to remember when I'm packed into a Metro car that's delayed because of some reason or another. Once all of the grime from winter is washed away and the cherry blossoms and pink magnolia trees make an appearance I start to feel like making some plans. Find a new restaurant, maybe a new park J. would like, something fun to do. And DC never dissapoints.

A fun exhibit is coming up at KORUS. If you haven't been to their site, they have great resources and ideas for cultural activities. The exhibit next week is related to metal work and jewelry:

If you're interested, please review the details as it does require a RSVP.

Also coming up is the Korean Film Festival 2009 at the Freer Gallery of Art and AFI Silver Spring. You can find the details here:

There is a panel discussion that looks terrific on April 19th at the Freer Gallery of Art highlighting the contributions of women directors!

I often struggle to find information on Korean artists (plenty to be found about Japanese and Chinese artists) so both of these opportunities are something to look forward to.

Make some plans and get out there!


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